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FAQ Cheap flights

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Charter FlightsCheap FlightsScheduled Flights
Can I book any charter flight around the world?

Charter flights sometimes subject to certain restrictions with regard to their booking engine. Please pay attention to the travel conditions during the booking of the charter flight. If you are a citizen of the European Union, you can book charter flights as a rule without restrictions, even if you do not live in the country in which the tour operator or charter airline are located.

Can I book charter flights for family members ans friends?

Of course you can book charter flights for members of your family and friends.


You must enter only the name of the third person as a passenger. Themselves enter applicant under Booking holder.

Can I book, as an EU - Citizens, any charter flights?

As a citizen of the European Union, you can book usually charter flights from another EU country.

Can I cancel a charter flight ticket?

Charter Flight bookings can be canceled if the travel permit and flight conditions permit. This should be generally the case.


However, see the travel and flight conditions for such cases is usually that either no reimbursement or only follows in the period until departure staggered repayment.


Therefore, pay attention when booking a charter flight to corresponding information in the travel or flight conditions.

Can I change a charter flight ticket?

We booked charter flights can be rebooked, if allowed to travel and flight conditions this for your charter flight.


Create your change of booking directly in such a case, either by mail or fax us.


Make sure when booking of charter flights that a transfer is permitted. This is indicated in the travel and flight conditions that are displayed during the booking of the charter flight.

How can I reserve a seat on charter flights?

With charter flights you can book usually no seats because the seats have already been established due to the purchase of the tour operator.


Exceptions are made occasionally for pregnant women, disabled persons and persons with young children. If you belong to this group, please type in the box and share your comments or immediately after sending the data to us via email or phone us.


We will forward your seating preference then on to the tour operator or charter airline, but can not guarantee that this is delivered.

How much luggage may I take you on a charter flight?

What luggage you can take on charter flights, is regulated very differently. In essence, this depends on whether the tour operator or charter airline seats for scheduled aircraft, other charter airlines or low cost purchased (chartered) added.


In many cases the baggage allowance will therefore vary between 15 and 20 kg weight. Excess baggage may be allowed, but is then paid separately. Some budget airlines require advance booking to baggage fee. As far as a late entry only at the check switches operated by these low cost substantial fees are required.


Please ensure therefore already booking charter flights on whether and to what weight the respective tour operator or charter airlines baggage allowance permits, whether this has to be notified in advance and how much excess baggage.


Details, see the travel and flight conditions, which are displayed during the booking of charter flights. If you are unsure, help our air charter experts at the hotline will be happy.

How quickly can I book charter flights?

The booking of charter flights is possible with us for departures usually the same day, in some cases, however, only for the following days. You can book short-term charter flights by calling our hotline or charter online.

I missed my charter flight?

If you have missed your departure, please contact immediately with our charter flight hotline. Our flight experts will then try to find a solution. In general, the leg falls booked but not replaced, so that the new booking is only a one way charter flight in question. Whether you already booked the flight back to use in such a case can still depend on the travel and flight rules of the tour operator or charter airline.

Is a confirmation of charter flights required?

The confirmation of the outbound flight on charter flights is usually not necessary because the tour operators provide their customers over here by post or email. Please make sure, therefore, in their own interests even at the booking that the information and email address are spelled correctly.


The confirmation of the return flight, charter flights, but always at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure place. The confirmation of a charter flight must be either at the travel agency or charter airline to be made because only they are informed of possible schedule changes.


Ask, therefore, already before the flight to an appropriate phone number at the checkin desk or at the tour operator. Make sure that this can also be reached from the respective country's holiday. Often, charter airlines or tour operators may use specifically so called value added service numbers, which are costly and sometimes impossible to achieve just out of your holiday country.

Is there telephone booked charter flights for the same price?

With us, please call booked charter flights for the same price as the online booking.

There are special meal on charter flights?

If you have special dietary requirements for your charter flight, as you depend on special meals, you take this on as a desire in the line comments.


We will forward your request without obligation to continue the tour operator or charter airline, can not warrant its consideration.


If no line is available for comments may be additional requests for the charter flight, unfortunately, not answered.

What are charter flights?

For charter flights (Non - Scheduled Traffic) chartered a tour at your own risk seats on flights to the pool with an accommodation in a hotel and a transfer from the airport to the hotel to a package and then for a total price to sell a package travel tour.


Unlike a scheduled or charter flights cheap flight, a non-routine, but only occasionally with existing requirements (eg in the holiday season) is carried out.


Charter flights are in contrast to scheduled flights and cheap flights partially exempt from duties and taxes if the charter flight with a tourist service in the travel destination (hotel, rental car, etc.) is linked.


As far as charter flights from tour operators to sell off as a separate flight, was from the tour operators originally calculated amount of package holidays would not be sold. The extent that such packages are not sold yet in the last minute business in the last minute to tourists, tour operators already chartered least the seats on those flights are trying to sell below cost.

What charter flights are usually available?

Charter flights are including in the aviation market currently offered by Air Berlin, Alltours, ATT Touristik, BGT Reisen, BigX-tra Touristik, Bucher Reisen, Classic Tours, Club Blaues Meer Reisen, Condor Flugdienst, FTI Touristik, 5 vor Flug, Glauch Reisen, GTI Travel, Hermes Touristik, ITS Reisen, Jahn Reisen, Medina Reisen, Neckermann Reisen, Oeger Tours, Olimar Reisen, Pegasus Airlines, Phoenix Reisen, Schauinsland Reisen, Tip Flug, Tjaereborg, TUI (31/10/2010).

What do I have to note enter the U.S. on a charter flight?

If you are traveling on a charter flight to the U.S., you must follow the same entry requirements as for entering the country with cheap flights, airlines, rental car or by boat or by car.


In that regard, it is required since 2009 that all travelers to the U.S. on the website of the U.S. legitimize DHS by completing an electronic questionnaire.


For details, see the FAQ at scheduled "What do I have to note enter the U.S.?" or directly to the website of the U.S. Homeland Security.


We point out that we serve the information held on this preliminary information and are not binding in any case constitute a binding information on entry regulations in the USA. Such binding information, only the U.S. - authority. Please visit their websites or in doubt messages.

What happens after an online booking?

By submitting your information you give us a binding contract, the charter flight reservation with your chosen charter airline or tour operator to make.


Once this is done, you will get - for some tour operators and charter airlines flying directly from this - a booking confirmation by email or post.


First of all we have of you already have an automatic preliminary confirmation of receipt of your reservation binding contract to your email - sent to address on your PC - display screen. In this preliminary confirmation is not the confirmation of the tour operator or charter airline.


Please check to confirm receipt of the preliminary data for all the charter flights, especially on first and last name, address, destination, travel date and flight for accuracy.


Should you find mistakes, please contact immediately with our charter flight hotline. The telephone number listed in the contact.


Please note that changes after confirmation of the charter flight booking by the tour operator or airline charter flight usually not or can only be considered for a fee.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket. After a charter flight booking, this is stored in the accounting system of the tour operator or charter airline. Over here you get a confirmation on charter flights by the respective travel agency or charter airline that you please bring to the airport.

What should I watch for a charter flight booking?

Charter flights are sorted in the summary along with offering scheduled flights and cheap fares for flights to and shall be displayed with the comment "charter" sign. In some booking screens only charter flights are shown.


Charter flight reservations are booked directly by us on your behalf in the reservation system of the tour operator or charter airline. There we also pass on your bank account or credit card information.


We will send you after a binding confirmation of the tour operator or charter airline. From there, the whole process over more of the charter flight (debit your bank account or credit card, operation the flight, information about changed flight times etc.).

When my charter flight is confirmed?

Your charter flight booking is confirmed when you buy from us the confirmation of the tour operator or charter airline received. We will send them separately by e-mail. Some tour operators and charter airlines, you receive a booking confirmation directly from there.


Please note that by our reservation system for booking e-mail is automatically sent a preliminary confirmation of receipt of your reservation and not binding confirmation of the booking travel agency or charter airline.

Where can I book for my charter flight?

Charter flights have to be transferred there, where the charter flight was booked.


If you have booked a charter flight with us, you must contact our charter flight hotline. If the charter flight booked elsewhere, need to transfer it there.


This is only possible if conditions permit travel tour operator, the transfer of a charter flight. Whether this is the case, please refer to the travel conditions, which are displayed during the booking process.


Please also note that a transfer of charter flights can be paid for.


In general, tour operators may charge a change fee per person and route. In addition, you may need to pay a premium between the new price and the current price of the charter flight.


In addition, there is usually another separate fees for credit card payments and any luggage.

Where do I cancel my charter flight?

Charter flights can be canceled only in writing. Please send us your cancellation requests therefore either by mail or fax.


Note, however, is that for most charter flights, no refund of travel or flight price by the tour operators. Taxes are usually reimbursed, provided that the charter did not go to the U.S. or North America.


Please refer to the travel and flight conditions of the tour operator during the booking process.

Which credit cards and payment methods are accepted for charter flights?

Tour operators and charter airlines accept payments in very different ways. The credit card payment by Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express is just as common as the direct debit or cash deposit or transfer to a bank account of the tour operator or charter airline. Sometimes we are authorized to collect payments.


We agree, therefore, immediately after receipt of your booking contract binding the possible payment by phone with you.


If you do not have a credit card, and the charter flight by credit card at the travel agency or charter airline can be paid, you can make the booking of a charter flight with us by transfer.


Please get in such a case with our charter flight hotline. We note that in this way but can be no short-term bookings.

Can I apply special dietary requirements?

Cheap flights airlines dedicated to the so-called low cost concept, which provides for all services that have nothing to do with the direct transport of the passenger, to charge a separate fee.


For this reason, there are many cheap flights of usually less than 3 hours flight time at all any more food or to discount the food and drinks to be paid separately on board.


Therefore, as a rule are no requests for a special meal on board the aircraft welcome.


If you depend on special meals, you should check carefully when booking of cheap flight in the conditions of carriage, if at all meals are served on board.

Can I book any cheap flights worldwide, even if I do not live in the country?

In general, you can also book cheap flights around the world even if you do not live in the country.

Can I book cheap flights for family members and friends?

Cheap flights you can also book for family members and friends.


Simply enter the name of family member or friend as a passenger and of themselves as a cheap flights booking person.

Can I book without a resident in the UK?

Cheap flights can be booked even if you are not resident in the UK. Cheap flights are flexible so far.

Can I cancel a cheap ticket?

Cheap Flight Bookings can be like any normal flight can be canceled, but see the transport conditions of the selected low-cost airline in such cases is usually that there is no refund.


Please ensure therefore already booking cheap flights to corresponding information in the transport conditions of the low cost carriers. These can be viewed during the booking process.

Can I change a cheap ticket?

Cheap flights tickets you can only transfer directly to the low cost airlines, if this is approved in the Rules of the budget airlines.


This can be done either through premium rate number or to the websites of the low cost airline.


For each transfer a transfer fee is payable, is greater for some low cost in telephone transfer than a transfer over the Internet.


Please ensure therefore already booking cheap flights to the fact that the desired low cost airline allows a transfer. This is indicated in the Rules that are displayed during the booking process.

Can I forfeit a section of cheap flights?

Unlike scheduled flights can be booked, please stretches for a cheap flight usually lapse use (eg the way) and won the other section (eg the return flight), because low cost treat both routes completely separated.


For more detailed information please refer to the instructions of Carriage (Rules) of the respective low cost airline during the booking process. These provide binding information.

Can I forfeit a section on charter flights?

Whether you can make sections expire on charter flights, is based on the travel and flight conditions for your charter flight. Some tour operators and charter airlines allow it, others do not.


Please refer to the instructions to the travel and flight conditions of the tour operator or charter airline, which will be shown during the booking. Only these to give an advance ruling.

How can I make a seat reservation for cheap flights?

Seat reservations for cheap flights are usually not possible. Although some budget allow for booking a seat on the plane to be reserved for an additional fee.


The vast majority of low cost share of seats, however, in the order of appearance at the checkin counter or let your passengers when entering the aircraft the free seat selection.


Therefore, if you emphasize a particular seat (eg, exit courts, ie exit row seats) should appear as early as possible to the checkin counter.

How much luggage may I take you on a cheap flight?

What luggage you can take them on the journey, even at low cost, very different. Some budget airlines allow the carrying of hand luggage plus 15kg baggage allowance, others the transportation of 20 kg free luggage plus hand luggage per passenger, excess baggage, etc. to be paid usually extra.


Please note that budget airlines usually want to know when booking of cheap flight, which bring the number of bags you. Take in such a case, please make sure accurate information, because the late registration of luggage at checkin switch can be very expensive.


Details of the free baggage allowance, hand baggage, overweight or start-up and late registration of luggage can be found in the transport regulations (Rules) of the selected low cost airline, which you can access during the booking process.

How quickly can I book cheap flights?

The online booking of cheap flights is with us for departures on the same day. You can book cheap flights such short term but over the phone book through our cheap flights hotline.

Is a confirmation of cheap flights required?

A confirmation of the outbound cheap flights is usually not necessary as the budget airlines to inform passengers via email. You must therefore already for this reason necessarily to spell your email when booking a cheap flight, as this information later is often no longer be changed.


Many cheap flights airlines do the same in return.


Air passengers should still check for safety's sake at least 72 hours before scheduled departure at the cheap flights airline if the flight is booked out.


This might make some cheap flights airlines (eg Ryanair) on the website of the cheap flights airline or by telephone.


Please contact the appropriate phone numbers already on the CheckIn off switch in the way and make sure that the phone number of the travel destination is reachable, as many cheap flights airlines often have so-called value-added service numbers (with costs) can be achieved, the only telephone lines from the country unreachable.

There are cheap flights booked by phone at the same price?

The phone is on us booked cheap flights are the same price as for online booking.

What do I have to note enter the U.S. with a cheap flight?

For the United States are both entering the country with a low cost airline, a charter airline or by scheduled flight always the same entry requirements.


From 2009 to USA - Travelers to the Internet on the website of the U.S. - should be completed DHS an electronic questionnaire. Detailed information about the entry requirements of the United States, see the FAQ at scheduled "What do I have to note enter the U.S.?" or directly to the website of the U.S. - homeland security.


We point out that the information held by us for this act so far only preliminary information and under no circumstances, binding information about the entry requirements. Such, only the U.S. - authority.

What happens after an online booking?

By submitting your information you give us a binding contract, the low cost reservation with your chosen low cost airline to make.


Once we have this done for you in the reservation systems of low cost airline, you will receive an automatic preliminary confirmation email on the computer screen and by that your cheap flight booking is made at low cost under the above reservation code and an e-ticket was provided.


At the same time you get from most low cost airline a separate confirmation of the cheap flight booking via email which is usually also a copy of the check-in button required e-ticket.


Please check following receipt of all documents, if the cheap flight data, first and last names of the passengers and the fare is correct.


It is therefore extremely important that you enter when booking all first names and names as they are in your passport or ID card.


If you discover an error, please immediately contact the low cost airline and you can correct the data. This is usually a charge.

What happens if we do not turn up at the airport?

If you are not at the airport or do not arrive on time for checkin, the booked route or part of the entire flight of the low cost airline cancels and you get up on the flight tax (excluding the U.S. and North America) no money back.

What is an e-ticket?

E-ticket is an electronic ticket that is sent after a cheap flight booking via email and stored in the reservation systems of budget airlines for later retrieval. Air travelers will therefore at a cheap flights booking no paper ticket.


The setting of the issuance of paper tickets for flights was supported by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) in 2008. Since then, travel agents, online ticket retailers and the airlines committed only electronic tickets (e-tickets) issued.


With the e-ticket passengers can check in at the switch CheckIn booked low cost airline. The boarding passes are typically spent there on presentation of the e-ticket and a valid identity document (passport or identity card).


Please note, however that you do not get access to the aircraft, if you have the CheckIn switch the budget airline does not have a valid e-ticket or a valid identity document.


An e-ticket offers passengers the advantage that air tickets can not be lost or forgotten somewhere. For the low cost airlines is thus also a considerable cost advantage associated incurred because no printing costs and paper documents more expensive.


Air travelers save but by e-tickets as well, there are now also very short term bookings, sometimes up to a few hours before the departure of a possible low cost airline and incur such a reservation, no more fees for expensive ticket deposits at airports.


Quick has also been checked, if you travel without luggage or with only hand luggage. Just as fast and easy to book cheap flights are rebooked. This particular business guests.

What should I watch for a cheap flight booking?

Cheap flights are sorted in the summary along with offering scheduled flights and charter flights for fares that are displayed and there by saying "low cost" is highlighted.


As cheap flights bookings are made directly by us in the accounting system of the low cost airline, you will receive confirmation of your cheap flights booking immediately and cheap flights directly from the budget airline (confirmation of low cost booking by email). This also assumes the entire further process your booking cheap flights and charging your credit card or bank account with the ticket price.


From us you will only receive a separate confirmation by email of the successful implementation of low cost booking in the reservation system of the low cost airline. This email contains a link to the details of your with us in the context of the laws saved cheap flight booking, and the booking code, which we of the budget airline after the booking is received and you have displayed on the computer screen.


We charge a switching fee per person, which was reported separately as part of the total fare. This fee will be charged to your bank account or your credit card separately.

When my cheap flight booking is confirmed?

Your cheap flight booking is confirmed if you have received from the low cost airline e-ticket. This is presented to you, depending on budget airlines booked on the screen of your PC and / or sent by email.


Please ensure that you always carefully the spelling of your email address and type in the security a fixed line and mobile phone number. Thus, our low cost budget airlines and the experts themselves can have problems with the booking or receive payment quickly and easily contact you.

Where do I cancel my cheap flight?

Cheap flights can be canceled only by phone or through the websites of the cheap flights airline.


The most conditions, the cheap flights airlines look for such cases no refund of the fare.


Taxes are usually paid upon written request (except USA and North America).


However, budget airlines take to process the tax refund is usually available for fee, which in most cases the amount of recoverable flight control or above, so that an application usually does not pay.


The fees for reimbursement of airline taxes are to be taken, please ask the flight conditions (rules) when booking your cheap flight. These can be called during the booking process and viewed.

Where I can change cheap flights?

You can change cheap flights only by call directly cheap flights airline. Alternatively you can rebook at some cheap flights airlines via the airline website.


Please note that transfers are chargeable. In general, cheap flights airlines charge a change fee per person and route. You also have to pay a premium between the new fare and the recent fare. If the new fare be cheaper than the old fare, you usually get back any money.


In addition, as a rule are still fees for credit card and travel luggage.

Which credit cards and payment methods are accepted for cheap flights?

Cheap flights booking to discount usually accept major credit cards from Mastercard, Visa or American Express. This must be the time of booking cheap flights to be valid. Budget airlines usually charge for the payment of a cheap flight by credit card a surcharge. All credit card information and personal data is transmitted at a cheap flight booking to high safety standards.


If you do not have a credit card, you can make the booking of cheap flights with us by transfer. Please contact for that purpose with our cheap flights help line. In this context, however, can be carried out any short-term cheap flights bookings.


Sometimes cheap flights bookings, the debit will be allowed from a bank account. Whether you choose low cost airline to offer this payment method, you will learn during the booking process.

Which low cost airlines are usually available?

Available cheap flights from 1Time, Aegean, Aer Arann, Aer Arann Corporate, Aer Lingus, Aer Lingus Web, Aerosvit Airlines, Aigle Azur, Air 41, Air Asia, Air AsiaX, Air Astana, air Baltic, Air Berlin, Air Europa, Air Iceland, Air Italy, Airkenya, Airlines Papua New Giunea, Air Mediterranee, Air Norway, Air Rarotonga, Air Southwest, Air Tran Airways, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Anadolu Jet, Arke Fly, Atlas Jet, Aurigny, Avia Nova, Avior Airlines, Avro Flights, Bahrain Air, Belle Air, Bergen Air Transport, Blekingeflyg, Blue 1, Blue Air Transport Aerian, Blue Islands, Blue Wings, Blu Express, BMI Baby, Carpatair, City Jet, Clickair, Click Mexicana, Condor, Condor Web, Corendon, Danube Wings, Darwin Airline, Dat, Easyjet, Easy Jet Schweiz, Eurocypria, Finncomm Airlines, Firefly, First Choice, Fly 540, Flybaboo, FlyBe, Fly Dubai, Fly Oeger, Flysmaland,, Frontier Airlines, Germania, German Sky Airlines, Germanwings, Geruxx, Go Air, Golden Air, Gotlandsflyg, Great Lakes Aviation, Helvetic, Iceland Express, Indi Go, Indonesia Air Asia, Intersky, Istanbul, It Ali, Jazeera Airways, Jet 2, Jet 4 you, Jet Air, Jet Blue Airways, Jetstar Airways, Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Pacific, Kalmarflyg, Kingfisher Airlines, Kullaflyg, Kulula, Lauda Air, Liat, Lime Management Ltd, LTU, Luxair, Lydd Air, Malmo Aviation, Mango, Manx 2, Martinair, Meridiana, Monarch Airlines, Monarch Chartered Flights, Nature Air, Nextjet, NIKI,, Nordkalottflyg AB, Norwegian, onair, Onurair, Paramount Airways, Pegasus Airlines, Polet Airlines, Regional Express, Robin Hood Aviation, Rossiya Airlines, Ryanair (currently not bookable), S7 Airlines, SAT Airlines, Scandjet, Sky Express, Skytrans Airlines, Skyways, Smart Wings, Southwest, Spice Jet, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Sundsvallsflyg, Sun Express, Sunwing Airlines, Tatarstan Airlines, Thai Air Asia, Thomas Cook, Thomsonfly, Tiger Airways, Tiger Airways Australia, Transaero Airlines, Transavia, Transavia Denmark, Transavia France, TUI Airlines Belgium, TUI fly, Twin Jet, Umeaflyg, Ural Airlines, UT air, Valuair, Viking Airlines, Vildanden, VIM Airlines, Virgin America, Virgin Blue Airlines, Vladivostok Air, Vueling, West Jet Airlines, Wind Jet and Wizz Air (Date: 25/09/2010)

Which web fare rates are available?

Available are usually web air fares from Air Jamaica, Atlantic Airlines, Bahamasair, Caribbean Airlines, Cimber Air, LOT, Lufthansa, Spanair, Swiss (as of 09/25/2010). For web fare rates are the best web fares of airlines that booking through us - by cheap flights - made directly with the airline's reservation system. This also assumes the entire further process your request. We provide our brokerage service only one in the overall flight proven small fee in the account and charge it to your credit card or bank account.

Are the fares for outward and return flights?

The fares displayed are always per person for one-way return. If you have a protrude one-way flights, the fare is only valid for the selected simple route.

Can I book a stopover flights?

The booking of stopover flights is possible, but you can not make this booking online. Therefore, if you want to book a stopover flight, call us or send us an email.

Can I book at short time?

The online booking of flights is usually possible to 24 hours before departure. Late bookings we receive, however by email, fax or phone. Please note that we do not provide for security in this case, all payment methods.

Can I book flights for other people?

You can also book flights for third parties (friends, colleagues etc.). Wear this, the third party in airline passenger field / participants and themselves as an applicant in the flight booking interface.

Can I book open jaw flights?

Of course, you can book open jaw flights online. To do this in the search for the flights the option open jaw.


Please note that the second flight city must be under the terms of most airlines in the country of your entry. The Internet Booking Engine will show you this, but after entering your travel and flight data.

Can I book open return flights?

Flights with open return flight, you can not book with us live on. Business customers and existing customers, but that option is open on demand. Please contact us as a business customer or existing customer is therefore essential via phone or email before your flight reservation.

Can I book seats on flights?

A online reservation of seats for flights is currently not yet possible for all airlines. Unless those of you selected when booking airline reservation of seats in the airplane online offering, you will receive in the course of a reference book.


In all other cases, you can make a seat reservation for your flight only after the posting by us consult with notification of the reservation code by e-mail or call in for reservation.


Please note that not all airlines and airlines offer seat assignments on all flights. Especially on short and medium range is to book a seat on flights the exception.

Can I forfeit the Outward flight and only use the return flight?

If the posted one-way not set out to emphasize the airlines usually not replaced all other flights, and hence the return journeys. Air travelers have in this case is not entitled to continue their journey.


However, courts have ruled on several occasions that fall air travelers can still use the outward and return journeys can.


Thus, the Highest German Court (BGH) has declared a clause in the General Conditions of Carriage of an airline to be inadmissible, which booked flights could be flown only in the order listed on the ticket.


Air travelers should obtain in this context, therefore, to avoid disputes later confirmation of the airline that the flight is actually a so-called cross border ticket can be booked and issued.


With cross-border selling or cross border ticketing two plane tickets are bought, but used only one route. Often cheaper to fly with such a combination than for booking and use of only one round-trip air tickets.

Can I make online check-in for my flights?

The Online - CheckIn is already possible for many airlines. Passengers to be supplied on demand like that at the booked flight on - CheckIn is possible. Please send us your booking code.

Can I transfer flights to other people?

Flights are issued by the airlines to the respective passengers personally. Name changes and thus a transfer of flights to other persons are therefore not possible. Once you have therefore entered the data for the booking and sent to us, they are not subsequently changed. Please check the data of all passengers is therefore carefully writing in advance of each booking to be complete and correct. Pay special attention to the fact that the names are spelled as in the passport or identity card, which you present at check-in.


However, should a name change be necessary during a flight travelers, this is handled by the airlines as a cancellation of the booked flight, followed by new booking the flight. Please note in this connection that it may also occur up to 100 percent of their tickets for the cancellation, and once again the entire fare for the new booking.

Do I need a confirmation for my flight?



For the one way air travelers usually need no confirmation. However, it is recommended that you check before departure with your airline again if the booked flight is really carried out. This is especially true if the time between booking the flight and the scheduled departure for several weeks or months.




At least 72 hours before the scheduled flight back any passengers is required to confirm the implementation of the return flight from the airline to leave. Please inquire from your travel destination accessible phone number of the airline directly at CheckIn - switch on departure.

How do I book my flight?

Click on the menu bar to "flights" or "cheap flights". Fill in the search box and click "Search". We search for you according to free flights on your chosen route and according to the desired flight date. Once the search is completed for flights, we show you the flights available on the PC screen. Select the desired flight and purchasable on "Book".


Enter on the next page in the spaces provided all the data. Pay particular attention to correct spelling of all names and birth dates of each, as subsequent changes by the airlines often carried out for consideration and this can be depending on the tariff up to 100 percent of their tickets.


Then click again on "Book" and wait until the booking engine will display a booking code on the screen or possibly a different message. This can take, depending on the workload of booking systems, several minutes. Do not click before the "Next" or "back" in the browser and close the Brwoser previously, since the booking procedure is not performed correctly otherwise.

How do I find the correct airport?

To find the right airport, enter either the name of the airport or the airport code (3 letter code) in the internet booking engine.


Please ensure that you choose the right airport, as it sometimes identical sites in other countries (eg Sydney in Australia and Sydney in the U.S.).


If you find after the first flight search is not the right Airport, you can click on the Airport - resort Atlas and there select step by step continent, country and airport.


You find the Atlas Airport on the home page of the flight booking engine.

How do I get information about the entry requirements?

Information on entry requirements are German citizens at the Foreign Office. If you are not a German citizen, please check with your local embassy or consulate responsible for you. Please note that entry requirements at any time, ie also can change after your departure and we are not liable for information, the authorities in connection with immigration regulations.

How much luggage can I bring on a flight?

Airlines usually allow free baggage in the following levels per person carry:


20 kg Economy Class

30 kg Business Class

40 kg First Class.


The information may, however, de facto from airline to airline vary. Some airlines permit generally or in relation to the flight route bigger or smaller baggage allowances. Please note before booking the flight, in each case, the baggage rules of the airline to free baggage allowance and the possibility for transportation of excess baggage, and the interest to be paid prices.


Some airlines have now begun to be charged for each bag a separate fee. Therefore, please attend during the booking process very closely to corresponding information and type - if the booking engine requires such information from you - to already here any baggage that you bring on the flight. If you forget these details when booking your flight, you must take certain airlines at CheckIn - count switches with significant scale for the late registration of luggage.


Baggage like e.g. bicycles, golf clubs, skis or surfboards you must log in any case, the airline separately, as the carriage is in charge of the rule and appropriate storage space must be kept on the plane. Please contact therefore immediately after the flight booking in with us or the airline name.


Hand luggage can be a rule in the dimensions 55 x 40 x 20 cm carried in the cabin. However, since even here there are deviations from airline to airline, please note this when booking the hand luggage of airline companies.

If it is at the specified time schedules to local time?

All flight times are local times.

The flights are actually available?

All flights shown are available at the time of your query. However, there may be a result of changing every second flight deals happen that was to send your booking order, the selected Flight otherwise reserved by third parties. Flights can be guaranteed only after the booking.

What do I have to note enter the U.S.?

All passengers under the Visa Waiver Program Travel (Visa Waiver Program, VWP) must now apply under the VWP before departure about the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA), an electronic travel authorization for travel to the United States of America. For citizens and eligible nationals from VWP entry participating States ESTA is available online.


With the VWP, travelers can travel (air, car or boat) from participating countries for a stay of up to 90 days for business and tourism purposes without a visa to the U.S.. ESTA optimizes the security of the VWP and allows the U.S. government to broaden the participants of this program.


What is the Electronic System for Travel Authorization?


The electronic travel authorization system is an automatic system, which is used to determine the Admissibility of travelers to the United States under the VWP. The system requires the same information as the paper Form I-94W, the travelers must fill out the moment before they enter the United States.


Why an ESTA travel authorization for travel by air is required?


The U.S. legislation requires the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security, DHS) to implement an electronic travel authorization system and other measures to improve the security of the VWP. With ESTA there is an additional level of security that allows DHS to determine in advance of entry, whether a / s air travelers is / right r under the VWP to enter the United States or whether such a flight is illegal or a security risk represents.


Who needs to apply an electronic travel authorization?


All citizens or nationals of countries participating in the visa-free travel program (Visa Waiver Program, VWP) who intend to stay for business or tourism purposes for a period of up to 90 days in the U.S. need under the VWP one obtained through ESTA travel authorization in the United States. This applies to all entries, i.e. per flight, with a rental car to Mexico or Canada or by ship.


How do I apply for an entry permit for the United States?


To apply for an entry permit, please visit the website Answer all required questions and submit your application for a travel authorization electronically.


My English language skills are not very good. Will there be translations?


Yes. Through the ESTA Web site and the Help button can now be accessed in several languages. However, all questions are answered in English.


A third party may apply for travel authorization for me if I do not have access to the Internet?


Yes. A friend, family member, personnel of the travel and tourism industry or other third parties may apply for the permit in your name. I, the travelers, however, for the truth and accuracy of all responsibility in his / her name information given.


What information does a/e passengers/r to complete the ESTA application?


I, the passengers must be personal information, including Name, date of birth, passport and travel data indicate, as well as answer questions relating to the entry authorization under the VWP. All answers must be in English.


If a fee for issuing a travel permit obtained?


No. It is currently being collected by the U.S. authorities do not charge for issuing a travel authorization. However, it is possible that an application fee will be introduced in the future.


I have seen other sites that offer to settle the claim against the payment of a fee in my name. Can I have my entry permit faster?


No. The U.S. government is not charging for the provision of information, the application or obtaining a travel authorization through the ESTA Web site. VWP travelers should be aware that not properly licensed third-party Web sites to make Internet providers to collect information related to ESTA and for submitting applications on behalf of VWP travelers a fee. This commercial enterprise are not guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security, DHS) nor the U.S. government supports, nor these agencies are hereby associated or connected in any way. The use of a private service provider to apply for travel authorization through ESTA does not lead to speeding up the granting of a travel authorization.


How far in advance of travel I have to apply for a travel authorization?


Applications may be submitted any time prior to entry. We recommend that you request a travel permit as soon as possible, that is, when you are planning a trip. DHS does, however, that not every trip can be planned long in advance and taken into account, therefore, travel authorization requests for spontaneous or emergency-related travel to the United States.


How long is my travel authorization?


Travel permits are i.d.R. for a period of two years or until the expiration of your valid passport, whichever comes first. A / e travelers / r is several times during the validity period to enter the United States without having to apply for a new travel authorization via ESTA need.


Must I, at any time a subsequent application for a travel authorization via ESTA?


Yes. Under certain circumstances the application for a new travel authorization via ESTA is required. This is the case for example, if you have a new passport has been issued or for name changes, sex changes, a change of nationality or if the answer has changed to one of the questions in Yes-/No ESTA. After the expiry of a travel authorization to apply for a new ESTA travel authorization is required. Applicants can also update destination addresses or itineraries if it changes after the issue of ESTA, although this is not mandatory.


How long does the electronic travel authorization system to process my application?


After an online travel authorization request was successfully submitted, please inform the electronic travel authorization system in most cases almost immediately on your claim status.


What are the possible answers can be expected?


Approved: Travel authorized.


Travel Not Authorized: The request / traveling by air must, before entering the U.S. at a U.S. embassy a nonimmigrant visa.


Authorization Pending: Access within 72 hours again on the ESTA website at for updates and to receive a final decision.


If I am issued a permit to ESTA to travel to the United States, this means that I may enter the country?


Not necessarily. An electronic travel authorization is merely an authorization to proceed with the objective of visa-free entry to the U.S. on board an aircraft or ship. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Customs and Border Protection) will ultimately through immigration controls at entry points, customs pre-clearance facilities.


If VWP travelers bingen ESTAGenehmigung with an expression of the airport?


No. DHS forwards the ESTA status of passengers to airlines and shipping companies. DHS recommends that ESTA print the completed application form to provide proof of the ESTA application number at hand.


What should I do if I am not a travel permit is issued?


If your travel authorization request is denied, but want to give up your travel plans, please contact a U.S. embassy or U.S. consulate to apply for a visa. Further information on visa application procedures, visit


I am in possession of a valid visa. I must also make an application for travel authorization via ESTA?


No. If you are in possession of a valid visa, do with the visa - as long as it is valid and for the purpose for which it was issued - to enter the United States. You do not need a travel authorization via ESTA application submitted.


Participating countries in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP):











United Kingdom











New Zealand





San Marino







South Korea

Czech Republic


(Date: 30/12/2009)




The submission of biometric data (including fingerprints and photographs) as part of customs and border clearance at each entry to the United States of America under the Visa Waiver Program Travel (Visa Waiver Program, VWP) is synonymous with an acknowledgment of the waiver of redress or to an appeal against a decision taken by the customs and border protection agencies of the United States (United States Customs and Border Protection) concerning the entry permission or - with the exception of asylum applications - the challenge to a deportation, which in of an application for admission under the program for visa-free travel (visa waiver program) may results. Source: ESTA

When should I check-in?

The recommended check-in time is usually at least 120 minutes before departure for international flights and at least 90 minutes for domestic flights. However, airlines and airports in individual cases may deviate from this set check-in times. Air travelers should always arrive on time at CheckIn - seem counter of the airline in order not to lose the right to promotion.

When will my booking successful?

After sending the data, you first get a booking code displayed on the screen for your flight. At the same time you an email with the booking code is and any other instructions to your booking. This confirms that your flight booking is received and processed.


When editing is completed (usually within 24 hours) you will receive another email that confirms the issue of the ticket (electronic ticket) and thus the completion of the flight booking. Flights and flight only price are guaranteed.

Why I can not find a specific flight?

If you can not find a specific flight of an airline in internet booking engine, this generally means that the flight is booked. Please choose in such a case, a different airline, or try a new query with a different flight dates.


The internet booking engine for flights only shows flights available, ie those in which free on your preferred travel dates still are. However, there are also flights and airlines that are not on our website for online booking.


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